It all started back in High school- grade 11 if I recall; taking an art class where we had to take pictures and develop them in a black room. I took a photo of my old dog (Leslie; god bless his soul in heaven) at my parent’s deck (which since then has been demolished and a new deck had been built). I stood below him on the steps while he was sitting on the platform. Angling the camera that particular way – I earned myself the recognition of a great photographer and got my photo into the Calgary downtown photography show display for one week! Being at the tender age of 16 – I was pretty stoked (for the lack of a better word). Since then; I’ve always had the passion for photography and making interesting shots. I almost got hired as a pet photographer at PetSmart..though had to turn it down as the hours didn’t work for me.

It is said that a picture is just a image…to make the picture a photo – the emotion has to be captured. Or something along those lines.

I currently own a point and shoot (Canon SD870 IS Wide Angle) day I shall get myself a fancy D-SLR!